Discovery Days has been such a great fit for our son and our family. When our son first started attending he was part time and they were always accommodating with our schedule. He is now at Discovery Days full time and it has been such a great experience for him. His face lights up as soon as we get out of the car! It’s been exciting as parents to see his growth and watch him hit milestones with the help of the fantastic staff. We’ve never had any hesitation about sending him to Discovery Days and have recommended them to several friends!--Brandon and Renee


Discovery Days III provides a safe, clean, fun and nurturing environment for our two boys.  Since they have taken over our former daycare, we are very pleased with the changes that have occurred thus far.  They provide a more structured curriculum with “themes” each week which the boys really seem to be enjoying.  The teachers and staff are all very friendly, understanding and accommodating.  My youngest son (age 2) is allergic to both eggs and dairy which can be hard on him, especially when he sees that he is getting something different than his classmates.  However the center, as well as their caterer, has worked with me on providing a special allergen menu specific to his allergies so that I know exactly which lunch and snack items he can have each week and which need to be replaced.  My oldest son (age 4 ½) can be a bit of an introvert at times.  However he loves singing, playing and learning new things with his classmates and really developing his social skills with the aid of his teachers.  Being full-time working parents, it is already hard to be away from your children so much during the week.  However our minds are at ease knowing that they are in good hands at Discovery Days III (a/k/a the boys’ home away from home) and we look forward to continue growing with them!--Kelly


My son has been going to Discovery Days Franklin since he was 2 months old. I didn’t realize the kind of wait lists there would be to get him into daycare, so I kind of happened upon Discovery Days Franklin out of a fervent search, and am so happy I did! He is learning and growing wonderfully and is such a sweet, happy boy. I know that is a testament to his teachers and environment since he is in daycare 3 full days a week. I love the report that gets sent home saying how his day was and what he did that day. His art projects have been adorable, too! It’s great how much they have the infants doing. Finally, communication. The director has been amazing with my crazy new mom “check-ins” and any other questions I’ve had!--Karissa